DEMO: 9 Simple steps from start to EFILE finish

Step 1: Select Page 1, T4 and General data input on the Programs Menu

Step 2: Enter personal information

Step 3: Enter T4 income and deductions. Save and Exit

Go to other forms and schedules for other entries. Save and Exit


Step 4: Select Quick Tax Calculation on the Menu bar

Step 5: Select Page 4 on the Programs Menu to see the results

            and print out tax forms.

Step 6: Select EFILE on the Menu bar then T183 to enter DCN and Save

Step 7: Print out Form T183 and let your client sign it

Step 8: Select EFILE on the Menu bar to generate Efile data and prepare EOL transmission. Enter SIN and DCN to create T1EOL.XML file

Step 9: Select <E_Send> and then <Send EFILE EOL to CRA> on the menu.

            Confirm Taxpayer's Name and SIN before hit <yes> Send button