CPTAX is Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) EFILE certified tax software

for T1 tax returns since 1993
for Federal and all Provinces and Territories

1. No diacritics
2. No form T1273 AgriStability and AgriInvest Harmonized Programs

3. No form T1163 AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs

4. Does not support calculation of Quebec Provincial TP-1

CPTAX allows you to transmit tax returns through Internet to CRA

With CPTAX you can do tax preparation and EFILE with UNLIMITED returns

Compare to other tax softwares

CPTAX is simple, easy to use, compact, complete, reliable, convenient, and time saving

Tax calculation and EFILE writing are all done for you accurately and quickly

CPTAX can print out exact tax forms only required by CRA

and clients' data on them automatically

as for your clients' records

or paper returns with 2D bar codes


CPTAX is CRA certified 2D bar codes software including Form T1013

CPTAX includes e-submission of Forms T1013 and T1135

CPTAX includes electronic Pre-Authorized Debit (ePAD)

CPTAX includes Express Notice of Assessment (e- NOA)

CPTAX also guides you to prepare mistake-free tax returns

CPTAX is our own software built in a lot of tax preparation and EFILE experiences

including many unique and useful features not in other softwares

fast and easy way of data entry and elimination of all unnecessary steps

in order to process complex and large quantity of returns quickly and correctly

and has been used successfully

with tremendous increase of clients year after year

Excellent it is for us. Sure, you will share with us all the advantages by using CPTAX

You are welcome to visit us and let us show and tell you about the software

Please email us (cptax@rogers.com)to get more information